First Notes: Assembly Nearing Completion

First Notes: Assembly Nearing Completion

Today I visited the Phoenix factory to have a first hand look at progress to date. As can be seen it is now possible to put together an assembled console (although they still need a day or two to complete some internal work). The first point I checked out was the colour compatibility of the stain; there is an excellent match to the choir loft woodwork. Don commenced configuring the stops yesterday evening. While many stops have been configured, he needs another day to complete this (about 125 stops across the three organ tonal specifications). But I did hear the Harp, the Instrumental Cello/Violin, the Cathedral Choir as well as many standard pipe organ stops such as Open Diapason, Leiblich Gedeckt, Trumpet and several others. At the moment Don is simply using the test speakers; however, the speakers for our configuration are all completed except the sub-woofer for which a decision on whether to use a 10 cu. ft. or 20 cu.ft. enclosure will be made upon receipt of a component for the 10 cu. ft. candidate; the challenge here is to accurately reproduce the lowest note down to 16Hz of the 32′ Sub-Bourdon on the Pedal Division. The picture on the right shows the two candidates for the sub-woofer along with the Pedal Division woofer. The Antiphonals are also completed and ready for testing and installation.

The Phoenix team responsible for the assembly includes Don (at the keyboard), who supervises overall design and personally attends to configuration details related to the digital stops; Scott, the meticulous wiring master; Kirk, a very skilled carpenter responsible for a lot of the detail on the woodwork (the main panels are initially created using NCC machinery) and Jim, who looks after all the operations details. They certainly have earned our respect for quality and completeness of workmanship. Some final details related to the delivery and installation were coordinated. While the choir loft and pipe chamber modifications will commence after Sunday’s service we expect to take delivery of the console and speakers next Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.


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