Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus Statement

January 15, 2021

Earlier this week the Ontario Government imposed a second provincial emergency under s 7.0.1 (1) of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMPCA), effective at 12:01 a.m. Thursday, January 14.

Under the new Ontario State of Emergency, and the associated Stay at Home Order, the Church is closed except for specific authorized activities.  These include: activities related to recording Church services, which enable us to stream virtual services; cleaning; facility checks; picking up mail and processing bank deposits; required maintenance; and the operation of the Willowtree Montessori School, which falls under daycare regulations.  No other must enter the Church at this time.  All activities that are authorized are subject to all established COVID-19 protocols.

We will continue closing the church to in person worship again until the situation in Peel improves. We will livestream or record as we did previously. Stay safe everyone and let’s get this under control! Click on the links below for more details.

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Rev. Jessica will be working primarily from her home office.  Kelly will be working both from the Church office, and from home, as there are some aspects of her work that are more difficult to accomplish from home.  Whether Kelly is in the office, or working from home, she is able to pick up both telephone messages and emails, she, and Rev. Jessica are in regular contact.  You should use either email or leaving a message on the Church phone as the primary means of contacting either Rev Jessica or Kelly.  If you need to be in the Church for authorized activities, please do not “drop by” the office for a visit even if Kelly happens to be there.  Ensuring the health and safety of our employees must be a high priority.

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Pastoral Care is making arrangements to keep in contact with those who are in need of it – seniors in Seniors Homes, etc. via phone calls and, if feasible, visits.

We are arranging for volunteers to do shopping for senior members over 70. Phone and leave a voice message or email We check messages twice daily.

We continue to have expenses, such as utilities and salaries. If you are not on PAR, offering can be provided as follows:

Direct deposit to church bank account (if you have Internet banking). Go to E-transfer on your bank website and send a transfer to or We will know automatically who sent funds such that your donation can be entered into our church donation records. Click here for guidance.

Canada Helps at Canada Helps issues the appropriate receipts; they are not recorded in the church records.

Mailing in a cheque (or post dated cheques) to Streetsville United Church at 274 Queen St. South, Mississauga, ON L5M 1L8

Even small donations, say, $10-$25, all help.

Our thanks to those who have made contributions by these methods.

We are tracking the various government support programs. We have received the wage subsidy for since April 2020. We have also received the Commercial Rent Assistance for our Montessori school, covering April, May, June and September as they three dedicated rooms assigned. They can operatue as they are designated as a day care activity.

In view the declarations by the federal, provincial and municipal governments, Please Stay Home. Wash your hands and, if at a grocery store or pharmacy, keep a “safe distance”, shop alone once a week at grocery stores and pharmacies.

From the Region of Peel Website:

As the spread of COVID-19 continues in Peel, it’s strongly recommended that you only have close contact with your immediate household and essential supports (such as caregivers).

Avoid visiting other households or allowing visitors into your home or yard, except for emergency reasons.  This includes medical needs, repairs, renovations or construction, and one-on-one teaching

Follow this page for any updates.

The Region of Peel updates the situation twice daily at

Jim Courtney,

Chair, Board of Trustees