Our church operation is built around a committee system, each with its individual mandate and responsibilities. Complementing these committee responsibilities are Fellowship Groups whose activities provide support to the congregation’s operation, member support and missions.

The Worship Committee ensures the smooth functioning of every worship service and to support the objectives/initiatives of the Church Council. This includes music, welcome teams and sacraments, such as baptism and communion.

The Christian Education Committee seeks to increase Biblical knowledge and foster Christian growth and maturity within the Congregation of Streetsville United Church. This encompasses Sunday School for youth and other congregation educational activities.

The Pastoral Care Committee facilitates the Christian care of the church, accomplished by leading the Congregation to cherish the unique value of each person within the fellowship. This requires the nurturing of the spiritual, mental, physical and social facets of an individual.
The Pastoral Care Committee considers how members of the Congregation should care for one another. This involves identifying existing needs and determining the most appropriate actions to address the needs, enables the Congregation to extend care by creating and administering the arrangements and structures necessary to support these activities. Finally, the Committee, alongside the Congregation, involves itself with performing the pastoral care work.

The role of the Outreach Committee is to call and enable the Congregation to fulfill its Christian missionary responsibility – locally, nationally and internationally. The Committee will invite and encourage the Congregation to become involved in Christian opportunities that are in keeping with the overall mission statement of Streetsville United church. These mission opportunities are identified and raised up so the Congregation can participate through personal or group involvement, such as Pathway Community Housing, or through monetary support of designated local and international charities.

The Ministry, Nominating and Personnel Committee provides a consultative and supportive agency for members of the order of ministry and non-ministerial staff. In addition, the Committee nominates members of Streetsville United Church to the Church Council, including its committees.

The Finance (and Administration) Committee promotes the mission of Streetsville United Church through the effective stewardship and management of the Church’s financial and administrative resources.

The Property Committee’s mandate is to maintain existing church buildings, furnishings and grounds; implement repairs and improvements as required; and supervise the use of the building (both church-related and rentals to outside community organizations) thereby providing a venue for the Congregation and community organizations to meet and carry out their various activities.