Pathway Community Programs

Your membership and support in Pathway ensures over 200 families have decent and affordable housing here in Mississauga. If you make a separate contribution to Pathway Community Programs, you will also be supporting breakfast programs and activities for the children of these families.

Pathway web site at http://www.pathwayhousing.ca to get all the details of your congregation’s support of Pathway, its history and activity.

Local ministries that we support include:

Global missions supported include:

But Outreach is more than just writing a cheque, although financial assistance is always required. It’s about connecting with the mission and hearing the stories. Pathways Non-Profit Community Developments, a joint venture of Solel Synagogue, Streetsville United Church, and the Unitarian Congregation of Mississauga changes the lives of hundreds of people in Mississauga beyond housing, providing a safe and caring environment for the residents of its non-profit apartment buildings.

In February, members of the congregation walked or volunteered during The Coldest Night of the Year raising money for The Dam.

Outreach at Streetsville United is not limited to the work of the Outreach Committee. Our church is part of the Northwest Constituent Group that is actively working on sponsoring Syrian refugees to Mississauga. ur UCW groups support a lengthy list of outreach projects, financially and with other resources – casseroles, layettes, toiletries, to name a few – for various ministries throughout Mississauga.

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