Removing the Keates Organ

Removing the Keates Organ

With the acquisition of our new Phoenix digital organ in spring 2003, components of our previous Keates Organ became available for sale. They have now been sold to an enterprise that will incorporate them into either new traditional pipe organs organ rebuilds.

Console: (From the 1980 specification):

2 manual, 61-key console plus 32-note concave and radiating pedal clavier. Best suited to provide a shell, manuals and pedalboard for a digital organ built from components.

Changes in 1980:

  • 3 Master Pistons (toe) to operate Swell and Great Pistons.
  • New Solid State switching action, to include couplers as specified.
  • New manual key contacts and rails.
  • Pedalboard rebuilt; keying action activated by reed switches.
  • New wiring, placed in channel with covers
  • Stop keys re-engraved and added to conform to new (stop) specification

The above is taken from the specification for the 1980 rebuild of the organ; there is no guarantee as to performance 23 years later.


From the Swell Division:

From the pre-1980 organ:

(Note: revoiced, rebuilt, etc. refer to changes made in 1980. The pre-1980 windchests were retained in the Swell and Pedal Divisions)

  • Salicional 8′, 61 pipes – revoiced
  • Gedeckt 8′, 61 pipes – rebuilt
  • Dulciana 8′, 61 pipes – revoiced
  • Flute 4′, 61 pipes – rebuilt into chest with Spitzprincipal
  • Oboe 8′, 61 pipes

New in 1980:

  • Spitzprincipal 4′, 61 pipes, new chest that incorporates 4′ Flute
  • Nasat 2-2/3′, 61 pipes, new chest (but installed in Great Division, not for sale)
  • Flautino 2′ 5 pipes, new chest (but installed in Great Division, not for sale)

Note 1: The windchests are best suited to install and deploy the four 8′ ranks together

Note 2: The two 4′ ranks come in one module sharing a common pair of wind chests.

  • Tremulant
  • Swell Sub
  • Swell Super

From the Pedal Division (3 ranks)

  • Bourdon 16′, 32 pipes – replaced by good used pipes
  • Bassflute 8′, 12 pipes – new chest
  • Bassoon 16′, 32 pipes (13-32 used pipes added, with chest)
  • Additional stops derived from other ranks (not for sale):
    • Gedeckt 16′, 32 notes: 1-12 from Bourdon, (13-32 from Principal on Great Division)
    • Principal 16′, 32 notes: from Great Principal
    • ChoralBase 4′ 32 notes: from Great Principal

Note 3: Again the windchests available are suited for the combination of the three ranks.


Other parts available for sale:

  • Blower (new in 1997)
  • Pipe Organ Rectifier (115V, 10A)
  • Electronic Swell Shade Operator and Shades

For reference purposes only with respect to the console configuration:


(R) denotes couplers with reversible pistons

  • Great to Pedal (R) Thumb and Toe
  • Great Super to Pedal
  • Swell to Pedal (R) Thumb
  • Swell Super to Pedal
  • Swell Sub to Great
  • Swell to Great (R) Thumb
  • Swell Super to Great

Great Division (these are the visible pipes at the rear of the choir loft and incorporate a new windchest as part of the 1980 rebuild)

  • Principal 8′, 61 pipes
  • Rohrflote 8′, 61 pipes
  • Salicional (from Swell) 8′, 61 pipes
  • Octave 4′, 61 pipes
  • Rohrflote 4′, 12 pipes
  • Mixture II – III, 2′, 110 pipes
  • Oboe (from Swell) 8′, 61 notes