Testimonials from Our Members

Testimonials from Our Members

Situated in the midst of a dynamic community comprising the former village of Streetsville and the surrounding Meadowvale developments, our membership comprises life-long residents of Streetsville along with many young families seeking a Christian fellowship. Here are some of their testimonials.

“Being in church is one of the only places where I can “be” and reflect deeply on my life. Attending church adds a richness to my life, lifts me up, and gives me peace to live the week ahead more positively with Christ in my life.”

“At Streetsville United Church, there are several generations of Christ-followers, and the congregation is like a caring family.”

“I really feel the need to connect with other Christians. Streetsville United is a very warm, caring congregation with all ages of people.”

“I really don’t know but I was raised in the church, drifted away and felt one day that I should start going again. I started attending Streetsville by accident (maybe). I talked with Rev. John and started back. Now I feel as if I’m missing something if I don’t attend.”

“Church was an integral part of life growing up. Now, it keeps me rooted amidst all the change. I attend Streetsville United because it has a familiar feeling, like going home again.”

“I was brought up going to the United Church and believe it has helped me to be a better person, helping others, and growing in the Christian faith. Streetsville United is a warm. friendly, welcoming congregation! Opportunities are available to grow in faith, and help others within our community and beyond.”


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